CM aka Creative featuring Substantial & Javier Starks - Hustle & Grind

from by CM aka Creative



Written by C. M. Lugo, S. Robinson, J. Starks
Produced by TopStory



Dream chasing is never easy, some make it seem so
But not for me ma, so I focus hard on being a pro
And you know (when your lights go down)
I'm up late night tyring to spark some sign of life
Into this grind of mine, someday it'll all pay off
More headaches, more fans, more dough be the trade off
No sleep but (when your lights go down)
You're comfortably under the sheets while I listen to beats
Or creating my own diddies for myself or my peeps
It's been a long time coming trying to make ends meet
Gotta eat but (when your lights go down)
You're preparing for your own grind, we're both trying to make moves
My mind wheel stay spinning, thoughts be providing
All the fuel that I need to keep my dream striving
Regardless how impossible it all seems right now
I'm so focus on creating something to go rock the crowd, you know how I do....

(I gotta keep moving from place to place)
Stay on my hustle and my grind, knowing that in due time
We gonna have our turn to shine but meanwhile
I'mma put in work just like I always do
And put myself in a position to make big moves
I don't do just for me, it's always about us
So if I'm not home tonight, I know I have your trust


Girl I'm out here on my grind, cliche
Trying to make the world press rewind to replay
My highlights, 'til we live the highlife
With minimum "alrights", ain't thinking 'bout 5 mics
I'm working on things that don't fit in a stanza
Too big to be limited with proper grammar, Nah'talkin' bout
9 to 5 can't confine my grind, I surpass that
25/8 stay creating this HAZMAT
Just ask cats, in vast rap books I stash crack
In the form of vocab, black. This fast track
Might leave your ass flat. Individuals that slack
Have never been I, so forever he grind
That's why I been on it, our lives depend on it
Don't tell you what to do, I just show you how it's done
Be back by the morning, just keep my plate warm
In case I'm dope as "number 2", I gotta be number one!
At least in your eyes...



I tell her its true, you can look inside your heart (He'll be back)
Playing the role he designed to, so I don't need to remind you
If I shine you shine too so (when your lights go down) I'm gone,
got a lot on my plate other hustlers gotta relate!
I'll be back don't cry boo wipe your eyes (He'll be back)
With a shoulder lean on, hold you in these arms...
Women tryna lock me down, feds wanna lock me up
Because I'm up and coming down to grind, super fly, kinda cocky but darling
I'm all in, call (He'll be back)
To patiently converse and say your favorite three words
Daily he at work so (when your lights go down)
Stacking stacks so you can turn'm back on in the morning
I love it when you laugh at me (He'll be back)
Whether you sad or you mad happy through battles I scrap glady
No challenge's a challenge, honest I promise i'ma provider,
Provide your desires got it de nada mami just ask daddy...
You have me but sadly...



from Hip​-​Hop For Scholars, track released April 9, 2013
Written by C.M. Lugo, S. Robinson, J. Starks
Produced by Top Story
Mixed by Substantial
Mastered by Channel Fuse Media



all rights reserved


CM aka Creative Gaithersburg, Maryland

New York born (Lower East Side of Manhattan), the half Puerto Rican, half Dominican: CM aka Creative, has made his way to Maryland, where he's been honing his skills. His NYC vibe brings you back to the golden era of Hip-Hop. His many collaborations with artist from all over shows he's always looking to create music. You can find his free albums & EP on ... more

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