Written by C. M. Lugo
Produced by Battle Skars


Yo, Salute to all the originals
They say Hip-Hop condition is critical
Nah, she just receiving too much TLC
That’s Terrible Lyrical Content that’s invading the scene
But that’ll never kill the culture, it’s was built to last
And some of these new cats bringing that lyrical back
Plus these OG’s still doing there thing on tracks
So some of yall huh, some of yall just need to relax
I’mma do my part, put my heart & soul
And if I don’t make it big, would I stop, hell no
Cause this is far from a hobby or a part time thing
This is what I live for, this that true I bring
And I’mma keep doing my thing till I’m under the dirt
On my tombstone, it’s reads, CM put in that work
Whether it’s producing or writing, I’mma pass it along
To the new breed that’s gonna continue it strong

So I stay pushing, pushing
So I stay pushing, pushing
I keep pushing till I have cats say
That dude CM done did his thing

I use to think that my body of work spoke for itself
But most avoid it like my body of work is bad for their health
And so I sit & wonder what I gotta do to get
Cats to really listen to all this shit that I just spit
Over beats that gifted cats like Skars done blessed me with
Or I copped for a small fee, for them, I represent
Have cats proud to have me spit over what they create
Some can dig it, some pass it up like it’s jail bait
Sometimes I don’t even know what to think
A be hitting ‘em with bars, beats, the kitchen sink
And I know it shouldn’t even be this hard
When radio be playing tracks I personally would have discard
Not their target audience so I’m on outside looking in
Trying to figure out a way to get radio play
Without having to change today what I daily portray
As being authentic, myself, Creative all the way

But I stay pushing, pushing
So I stay pushing, pushing
I keep pushing till I have cats say
That dude CM done did his thing

Let’s get it out, let me show ‘em how
I bless then wreck tracks, that’s what it’s all about
Them cats act like I aint handle my business
Like the bars I spit aint quality, my tracks aint tremendous
All my shit is garbage & these kids are contenders
Come on man, what I see are pretenders
Grippin their nuts, acting like they packing heat
But when things gets for real, situation gets deep
They quick to scoop up their pants and do a quick dash
Like these lil suckers be running a track meet
That’s why I do what I do & I just be me
I aint gotta put a front on when you see me in the streets
I show love to all cats, showing improvement
If I got problem with you, then I just keep it moving
If cats want beef, I aint got time for the child play
We can get ignorant but I prefer to do it my way

Just keep pushing, pushing
So I stay pushing, pushing
I keep pushing till I have cats say
That dude CM done did his thing


from Hip​-​Hop For Scholars, released June 4, 2013
Written by C.M. Lugo
Produced by Battle Skars
Mixed by C.M. Lugo
Mastered by Channel Fuse Media



all rights reserved


CM aka Creative Gaithersburg, Maryland

New York born (Lower East Side of Manhattan), the half Puerto Rican, half Dominican: CM aka Creative, has made his way to Maryland, where he's been honing his skills. His NYC vibe brings you back to the golden era of Hip-Hop. His many collaborations with artist from all over shows he's always looking to create music. You can find his free albums & EP on www.blocsonic.com/artist/cm-aka-creative ... more

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