Written by C. M. Lugo
Produced by Mr. Line


What You About
I'm about trying to go and turn this shit out
Off the humble though, I aint gotta big mouth
Once you discover me, I'm sort of like a luxury
Possibly I'm someone that you couldn't live without
Creative freshness, cultivates the session kid
I'm on some next shit, show me what you're messing with
Steadily progressive, once you crack my messages
The undertone is go out and do your best, ya dig
Hoild me down now, Line provides profound sounds
That I bless with rhymes that you care to be around
Dopeness fills the air, can you hear us now
Get you neck bobbing once the bass shakes the ground
Influenced by that golden era vibe yall
Got the Roots, got that Common, got that Tribe yall
Good music is what we trying to provide yall
Straight from the heart and soul, Hip-Hop's alive yall
Whether I'm with my Deadly Combo or my solo shit
What I bring forth is the true, have you noticed this
If not listen close, I'm about to blow the lid
On these false dudes, claim they the best in the biz
Can't believe every thing that these cats say
It's just a image that these people go out and portray
What you see on your screen is just a shade of gray
A lot of bullshit mix with truth shouldn't be the way
That an artist comes out to get some type of dough
In our heart, as an artist, we all trying to blow
But if it doesn't happen, I'm still going to be comfortable
Doing this art I love, without selling my soul


from Hip​-​Hop For Scholars, released June 4, 2013
Written by C.M. Lugo
Produced by Mr. Line
Mixed by C.M. Lugo
Mastered by Channel Fuse Media



all rights reserved


CM aka Creative Gaithersburg, Maryland

New York born (Lower East Side of Manhattan), the half Puerto Rican, half Dominican: CM aka Creative, has made his way to Maryland, where he's been honing his skills. His NYC vibe brings you back to the golden era of Hip-Hop. His many collaborations with artist from all over shows he's always looking to create music. You can find his free albums & EP on www.blocsonic.com/artist/cm-aka-creative ... more

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